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Trouble on the Debian Front?

Linux.com is reporting that Matthew Garrett, one of the more active
Debian developers, has called some ongoing problems with the Debian
project into focus with his resignation. While he didn't hold any
actual office, many prominent Debian developers described Garrett as
"high profile". From the article:

"In his own blog, Garrett relates his gradual discovery that Debian's
free-for-all discussions were making him intensely irritable and
unhappy with other members of the community. He contrasts Debian's
organization with Ubuntu's more formal structure. In particular, he
mentions Ubuntu's code of conduct, which is enforced on the
distribution's mailing lists, suggesting that it 'helps a great deal
in ensuring that discussions mostly remain technical.' He also
approves of Ubuntu's more formal structure as 'a pretty explicit
acknowledgment that not all developers are equal and some are possibly
more worth listening to than others.' Then, in reference to Mark
Shuttleworth, the founder and funder of Ubuntu, Garrett says, 'At the
end of the day, having one person who can make arbitrary decisions and
whose word is effectively law probably helps in many cases.'"

Yikes...is Debian gonna survive?

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