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Re: Solved! (Was: can't apt-get install)

Le dimanche 03 septembre 2006 à 12:45 +0200, Michael Noisternig a
écrit :
> Now how should I have found out that earlier...
> Turns out apt-get was going to "download" some packages from the install 
> CD. I figured that when I found the parameter --print-uris. However, for 
> some reason Linux doesn't like my CD drive, and on mounting the drive 
> the process stalled. I couldn't notice this because the drive showed 
> absolutely no reaction, no lights, no attempted reading. All 
> reproducible with a simple mount command. Weird again but problem 
> solved! Using the other drive now.
> Thanks for your replies, Thibaut!

Great you found the actual solution. I've always worked exclusively with
netinstall, so a CD drive did never enter my parameter space. Sorry I've
put you on a wrong track!

Regards, Thibaut.

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