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Re: detect shell script language

Maxim Vexler wrote:
(I'm thinking out loud here)

go ahead :-)

How about identifying patterns specific to each shell, and then
implementing an algorithm that would produce score for each shell
match. The one with the highest score will be the one used by
src-highlite. This perhaps should be a standalone utility/lib, a fact
that would allow it to be used in other implementation besides

indeed I was thinking about something similar; the problem is that I should restrict it to shell scripts, since otherwise I should check against all the possible language handled by source-highlight and that would be inefficient.

I should know more about script languages though, which is not the case (shame on me! ;-). However, I was thinking also of letting the user provide his own regular expressions to detect a language, and that could be then enjoyed also by other users.

BTW, src-highlite is great. Thank you Lorenzo for adding another tool
to my already unbelievably huge free software tools arsenal.

WOW!  Thank you!  :-D

I'll let you know when I release this new version of source-highlight!

And by the way, if you use some language which is still not handled by source-highlight, and would like to add it, please let me know and we can work it out!


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