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Re: Size difference between file systems

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Lars Roland wrote:
> Hi
> I have been moving some data from a Reiserfs partition to a XFS volume
> on LVM, during this process I discovered that 8.9GB of data on the
> reiser partition turns into 12Gb of data on the XFS volume (I got
> those numbers using "df -h"). The XFS volume was created during the
> Debian Etch installation and the reiserfs volume by and earlier redhat
> install on the same box.
> Initially I suspected that "df" was just out of sync so I did a "du"
> and got the same numbers back. This is not really a problem for me but
> I just wonder why XFS/LVM needs so much more space ?. I know LVM has a
> minor overhead but I have never heard of 3GB difference on 8.9 gb data

My first thoughts are differences in page size, and (if you have
lots of smaller files) whether tail compression was enabled with

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