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linuxtv on debian

Is there anyone out there who has set up a usb dvb-t tuner under debian.  I 
have been trying to ask questions on the mythtv mailing list, but the people 
I am talking to do not understand debian and I am not getting very far.  All 
the documentation I read says that hotplug should deal with things, where as 
in the Debian Etch system that I have, hotplug has been depreciated in favour 
of udev.

On my Etch system I have installed the mythtv backend package.  However, in 
terms of getting it operational, I can't get past the first hurdle and get it 
to recognise my usb tuner modules.  I should have a /dev/dvb directory 
created but I have nothing.  I suspect it is a combination of udev rules and 
me not understanding the process, since when I do plug in the module, a udev 
event is generated, there is some recognition of the device in the /sys 
filesystem, but the device is not initiated (its powerlight is not on - I 
think it should try and load firmware which is not happening) and there is 
nothing in any logs or dmesg.

One issue I have is that once the device is loaded /sys reports the vendor id 
and product id as 14aa and 0225 respectively.  These are close to the vendor 
id's as mentioned on the linuxtv web site, but not the same.

So could someone explain what SHOULD happen when a device is plugged in and 
how I can find out precisely which model of tuner I have.  How the device is 
recognised, and how firmware gets loaded into it (and from which directory).  
Alan Chandler

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