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I have had success in hearing a dial tone, as well as a "the-phone-is-off-the-hook-hang-up" message. Clearly, I can use it to call other persons (not computers). However, I don't know what software I need to be able to do this. Please do not confuse my situation with VoIP: I wish to communicate using my modem and a real telephone wire. I have tried dtmfdial, but I do not know what the output is so that dtmfdial dials on the modem (the option is --output-dev) to the modem (By the bye, the driver being used to hear the things mentioned above is an alsa atiixp-snd-modem. Perhaps that's the module (as well)).

The questions:

1: What is the --output-dev that I need? Note that /dev/dsp does not exist unless I use aoss.

2: Is there an other programme which I could / should be using?

I thank you most kindly.


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