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Michelle Konzack's sex (was: Email programs that work.)

On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 04:00:18AM -0400, Derek Martin wrote:
> Well, the numbers are silly, but the point is Mutt will not break
> until long after any of your favorite GUI programs will.  Please try
> to remember that Michelle is not a native English speaker, and is
> trying to make his points as best he can in a language which is not
> his first.  Actually I think he did a fine job.
  ^^^                          ^^
Do you know something I don't?  I always thought that Michelle was 

-- hendrik

P.S.:  Sorry for the provocative title, but 'sex' is biological,  
whereas 'gender' is gramattical.  Since Michelle's first language is not 
English, and I know that, for example, the word for 'girl' is neuter in 
Dutch, I thought it important to use the correct word.

P.S.2: In French, the masculine form of the name "Michelle" is "Michel".

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