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Re: HP DL320 USB Problem

micha wrote:
> What do you mean by
> "...Despite this, I still had problems. ..."
> (http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-user@lists.debian.org/msg446512.html)
> I do not need USB (USB 1.0 it is I guess for this uhci_hcd module) on my
> server. Will there appear other problems when disabling uhci_hcd?

I have a feeling that the /etc/modutils/local.aliases fix did not
 work - the module would at some point be loaded after a reboot.

The problem with removing this module is that the iLO keyboard
stops working, so you can not use iLO once Debian had booted. :-(

> Did you find a way to solve this problem in the end?

I compiled a kernel without UHCI support.

Hope this helps,

George Borisov

DXSolutions Ltd

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