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KDE hangs with ADSL and DHCP router

I am using Debian sarge (r3) and three weeks ago set up an ADSL
broadband account. Everything works well with DHCP and eth 0 on a
console and with gnome but when I try to log in with GDM to KDE it hangs
while loading peripherals. The same with KDM. At one time it even
rebooted but I have been unable to get a repeat of this behaviour. I
have re-installed twice just to check but the problem persists.

To me this seems to suggest KDE probably can't locate loopback. On a
gnome console kdeinit and kde apps work. So far as I can see loopback is

Can anyone help me or tell me where to begin looking for the cause of
this problem? It may already be a well known problem. So far as I know
the DHCP setup provided by my ISP is fairly standard (although I have
yet to ask this directly.) 

many thanks

Chris Jones.

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