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Re: Use of dpkg --set-selections is brain-dead?

"Michael S. Peek" <peek@tiem.utk.edu> writes:
> Which begs the question: Why doesn't 'apt-get dselect-upgrade' install
> the package?

Does your package have any unsatisfied dependencies?  They need to be
scheduled for install via "dselect --set-selections", too.  If you're
going to go this route, you have to do all the dependency resolution

This is an intentional design feature, so you can "Q" out of
"dselect"'s Select step with unresolved dependencies and still have
the Install step install the packages whose dependencies you *have*

If you want to install packages with automatic dependency resolution
from the command line, then "apt-get install x y z" (or "aptitude
install x y z") would normally be the way to go.

Kevin <buhr+debian@asaurus.net>

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