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Re: can't apt-get install

Le jeudi 31 août 2006 à 12:52 +0200, Michael Noisternig a écrit :
[problems installing xmms... initially]

I'm not sure in the end whether libvorbisfile3 and cdrdao are finally

Can you launch aptitude and find the packages that are marked "broken"?
(IIRC, hitting "t" will allow you to navigate through the menu. The
right key is written on the bottom of the screen).

Please post what packages are broken, in which state they are, which
version is installed.

Also, if you try again installing packages, don't forget to first run
apt-get update, so the list of available packages is updated (this can
also be done from the interactive aptitude session, hitting "u" or
browsing through the menus).

You also did not report about trying installing e.g. libvorbisfile3 with
dpkg, like this (first move into your apt cache):
  dpkg -i libvorbisfile3*.deb
(or whatever the filename is).


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