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Re: Which 32 bit kernel runs better under AMD64 architure, 686 or k7?

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Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 29, 2006 at 11:33:14PM -0300, Marcello Di Marino Azevedo wrote:
>> Probably you are tired to see tons of questions like this, but...
>> I have two new servers coming for a critical mission application. My
>> question is simple, will sarge i386 port (32 bit only) runs fine under
>> an AMD64 X2?
>> For example, if I install kernel 2.6.8-k7-smp it will see 2 CPUs?
>> Which 32 bit kernel runs better under AMD64 architure, 686 or k7?
> Well, the 686 kernel is for 686 CPUs (which the amd64 is not).

All K7 CPUs most emphatically *are* 686 CPUs, since they execute all
the relevant Pentium Pro opcodes.

>                                                                Also,
> the k7 kernel is for 32 bit Athlon CPUs (which the amd64 is not).

The K8 (in 32-bit mode) most assuredly *is* a K7.  (What, you think
AMD would break backward compatibility?  That's the big draw of AMD64.)

So, the AMD64 (in 32-bit mode) is a K7, and the K7 "is" 686, either
kernel will work.

>                                                                  You
> need a k8 kernel, specifically.  Of course, if you run a kernel with SMP
> enabled, and you have more than one processor, you will see more than
> one processer.

This is correct.  You need an SMP-enabled kernel.

To get a 0.5% speed boost, use a k7-SMP kernel.

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