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Re: Email programs that work.

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Martin Möller wrote:
> * Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> [26-08-2006 05:57:04
> -0500]:
>> Mutt is *definitely* lacking.  In design.
> Yes, mutt is lacking if you compare it with e.g. KMail because

No, that's not what I'm talking about.

I assert that, for it's *existing* functionality, Mutt is designed

Showing my grey beard: WordStar was excellently-designed TUI
software.  All was based on the keyborad "home row", most commands
were 2 strokes: "group"+"command".  Help screens were layered and
rational.  You could have help *always* on half the screen,
*temporarily* on half of the screen, or *never* on half the screen.

So, you started out with "full" help, then after a weekish, went to
sometimes help, and later, no help.

> mutt is only a MUA, which requires the services of a MTA
> (sendmail or such) for delivering the mail (via SMTP) and
> fetchmail/sendmail for getting it. And it requires the service of
> an MDA such as procmail for doing sorting. And yes: You also need
> an external editor like vim or emacs to write the mail.
> One could ask of course, if the whole mta,mda,mua concept is too
> complex and time-consuming for a single user wanting to read his
> mail.

It is.  That's why Nutscrape was such a hit.

>       One could also ask if the whole debian concept is too
> complex for a single user who just wants to write a letter and
> print it out.

*It* *is*.  But then, so is MS Windows.

My first functional Linux was pre-installed.  (Back in the RH 6.0
days.  Just couldn't get RH 5.2 installed and usable.  Unix was just
too alien to a VMS geek.)

>                Windows seems to be much easier sometimes, too. ;-)

I found this quote, *probably* on d-u, back in 2002:
    "For me and windows it became a matter of easy to
    start with, and becoming increasingly difficult to
    be productive as time went on, and if something went
    wrong very difficult to fix, compared to linux's large
    over head setting up and learning the system with ease
    of use and the increase in productivity becoming larger
    the longer I use the system."
    Rohan Nicholls , The Netherlands

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