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Re: Delete part of metapackage?

On Sunday 27 August 2006 08:58 pm, Paul E Condon wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 27, 2006 at 01:23:26PM +0000, Elmer E. Dow wrote:
> > Greetings:
> >
> > I'm loading Sarge onto a donated computer at a school for K
> > through grade 2. The hard drive has only a 2.2 GB capacity, so
> > once I load the KDE and Gnome metapackages I only have about
> > 120 MB left.
> >
> > The kids don't need all of this software, but it seems that I
> > can't delete or install individual programs (knode, for
> > example) without deleting or installing the entire KDE
> > metapackage. Is that correct?
> 							^^^No.
> > Is there a way around this?
> Yes. I'm guessing you are using aptitude to manage the package
> installs. If so, read on. If not aptitude, you need help from
> someone else.

I'm using aptitude from the command line rather than using the 
> For aptitude: Use
> apt-get remove <a metapackage name>
> Then you can remove select packages in aptitude without questions
> about the metapackage getting in your way.
So removing the metapackage actually removes no program but simply 
disconnects them so they can be handled separately? How then would 
you remove the entire metapackage?

I had tried 

aptitude purge kde

and it seemed that nothing disappeared. In fact, the result of

aptitude show kde

indicated that kde (I assume the metapackage) was still installed. 
Is this because the programs that were part of the package still 
exist? If this is true, how would one delete the entire 

> Also, consider getting rid of either gnome or kde. In a situation
> in which you can't afford a larger hard disk, you hardly need
> both, IMHO.
> --
> Paul E Condon
> pecondon@mesanetworks.net

My thoughts exactly. I want to save some of the Gnome metapackage's 
software, but delete gnome window manager and gdm. What's Gnome's 
window manager package called? Gnome-desktop-environment, 
gnome-core, etc. all have programs as a part of the package. Is it 
possible to delete the whole Gnome metapackage, then install just 
the individual programs that I need?

-- Elmer

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