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Re: Pumping Gas in Oregon (WAS: Re: Osama Bin Laden Take Over List!)

Hal Vaughan <hal@thresholddigital.com> 



>One major point he made about auto fuel was that 
>it is stored in a tank that is, at least in VA, 15 feet or more 
>underground, kept at a constant temperature and pressure, and that 
>this effect the delivery much more than the air temperature.

Good point, I was just thinking about that, I also wonder how much 
fuel is lost due to rusty tanks, and poor linings surrounding the 
tanks.  I hope the ground water is tested as regularly as the 

I also wonder about the poor farmers, who fills there tanks? If an 
exception exists for farmers, what qualifies as a farm? If I have 
say 2 acre's of land and want my own fuel tank can I qualify?

Am I also allowed to have say ten ten gallon gas cans for the old 
generator. Or can I store a 55 gallon barrel of 10w40 in my garage.


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