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Re: [OT] google earth on linux

Bruno Buys wrote:
what do you mean 'closed source' driver? You refer to the 3d thing?

On 8/18/06, *Hugo Vanwoerkom* <hvw59601@care2.com <mailto:hvw59601@care2.com>> wrote:


    Google earth now comes with a Linux (closed source) driver.

    That is sort of an interesting app.: you can go to anywhere on earth and
    zoom in and it keeps downloading the appropriate maps.

    Except... with a dialup line it always dies after a while.

3d thing?
Perhaps not the right term but google earth is composed of a server and a client. You download the client. It talks with the server to get the right maps of where you are looking. That client is closed source, it is binary code and you cannot get the source (e,g. to find out where the segfault occurs).

The more interesting thing is that it always dies with a segfault when I use it, after a while.

Still it is an interesting application.


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