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cjk-latex and utf8 input

hi guys,

don't know whether this list is appropriate, but it might be, since i think i have found a potential bug

after installation of cjk-latex, i was able to proceed with only some of the examples (namely, Big5 and GB). i wanted to have utf8-coded japanese text in the latex document (UTF8.tex file from cjk-latex, for example).

however, running latex source.tex produced many errors about missing font 'cyberb'. i had to follow 'howtos' on the following 2 pages to make it working with utf8.


the second page also mentions

"Under MiKTeX, the GB and Big5 example files work fine, but the UTF8 example does not work. There are several ways of resolving this. One method is to convert TrueType fonts to PostScript Type 1 format by creating tfm, pfb and map files. The MiKTeX version of the CJK package has done this for the gbsnlp and bsmilp fonts used in the GB and Big5 examples, but not for the cyberbit font used in the UTF8 example."

it seems that this applies to tetex as well...

can this be considered a bug? apparently the cjk-latex package sets some fonts for the use with it, however, the cyberbit one, required for (at least some) japanese is missing.

best regards,

Lubos _@_"

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