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Block special device messed up

Some time ago I messed with /dev/hdc, and ended up with this:

root@gamla:~# ls -l /dev/hdc
total 0
brw-rw----  1 root disk 22, 0 Aug 25  2005 hdc-
root@gamla:~# ls -ld /dev/hdc
drw-rw----  2 root disk 4096 Aug 25  2005 /dev/hdc
root@gamla:~# file /dev/hdc
/dev/hdc: directory

Everything has been working allright with a cd-drive attached,
but now I have an old hard drive attaced at that second ide cable
in the master position, and I'm not able to access it with
fdisk, cfdisk or testdisk etc.
My knowledge on device nodes and the like is close to none,
but I understand that /dev/hdc should be a block special device.

What should I do to restore this?

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