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Re: Space to install all packages

At 1155390631 past the epoch, Jon Dowland wrote:
> Xiyan Lon wrote:
> >I plan to make partition,
> >20GB /
> >10GB /usr/local
> >1GB swap
> >rest-GB  /home
> >Is this enough?
> At 1155316885 past the epoch, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> > This is more than enough. We have an installation of all
> > your office, kde, gnome requirements, different sets of
> > compilers and development tools, scientific software and
> > what not and use some 5 GB on / . I doubt that you will
> > fill your 10GB /usr/local with useful software, but YMMV.
> Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> /dev/hda6              14G   11G  2.4G  82% /
> /dev/hda7             9.2G  5.3G  3.5G  61% /home
> This is a sarge machine with gnome-desktop installed, but
> not any of the other heavyweights (no openoffice, kde,
> tetex).  20GB for / might be a good idea, if you have the
> disk.

In light of other replies, I thought I'd drill down a bit
here: my usage is probably non-conventional.

870248  ./usr/share
878272  ./var/cache/pbuilder
1143340 ./var/cache/apt/archives
1181616 ./var/cache/apt
2069572 ./var/cache
2455612 ./var
4587268 ./usr/local/share
4798860 ./usr/local
7332060 ./usr
10730548        .

/usr/local has xscreensaver, qemu and mono in it, which are
quite big. /usr has /usr/src which has several linux
kernels, and as you can see, I have sid chroots there for
pbuilder. But I think /var/cache/apt/archives should put
that in context.

Jon Dowland

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