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Re: "Communicating" with modems...

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Dov Oxenberg wrote:
> Hello all, In the Linux world, what tool do I use to communicate
> with an installed modem? I am trying to troubleshoot a problem
> sending faxes and want to eliminate the possibility it is the
> modem hardware. There is an eight port Rocket modem or something
> like that installed on this box running Hylafax. I would like to
> "connect" to each modem and test the send capability. If you know
> of any commands I could use to test with that would be very
> helpful too :-) Cheers!

Google tells me that Rocket is the model name for Comtrol multi-port
serial cards and modems.

"or something like that" isn't really specific enough for us to help
you.  You might need to crack the case.

Almost certainly the modems use the AT command set.  Documentation
would be useful, but minicom and this web page should start you off.

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