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Re: script languages

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David Christensen wrote:
> Marcelo wrote:
>> I wonder what scrip language is better: Perl or Phyton?
> I've been using Perl for 7+ years and have found it to be very
> useful.
> The key concept is Perl's slogan -- "There's more than one way to
> do it" -- TIMTOWTDI, pronounced "Tim Toady".  Perl is a very 
> flexible language -- the "duct tape of the Internet".  Perl was
> developed by a trained linguist (Larry Wall), so Perl writes
> easily and allows you to express algorithms clearly and
> succinctly.  Whether or not the code is easily understood, and by
> whom, is up to you.
> If you know a traditional procedural programming language, such
> as BASIC, FORTRAN, C, Pascal, Bourne shell, etc., learning Perl 
> should be simple enough.  If you know an OO language, or OO
> concepts, learning the mechanics of OO in Perl will be
> straight-forward. The advanced stuff is, well, advanced, and will
> require more effort and background.  You should be able to
> accomplish the goals you outlined with basic to intermediate Perl
> skills.

My big problem with Perl is "Special Variables".  They are a big fat
maintainability and debugging trap.

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