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Re: CUPS dependencies

Jan Willem Stumpel <jstumpel@planet.nl> writes:
> I have been using lpr (later lprng) without any problems, since 1995,
> Does anyone have
> an explanation of this seeming "creeping CUPS imperialism"?

"Creeping CUPS imperialism"?  There is no "creeping"; Debian and other
Linux systems have switched from lprng to CUPS.  lprng now is
deprecated, and eventually shall disappear.

'lprng' was written to address the deficiencies in 'lpr'.  But lprng is
a 'hack' -- a patchwork quilt.  And lprng no longer is being maintained.
No application or utility can survive lack of maintenance, because every
application and every utility is but part of a larger system to which
changes constantly are being made.  So eventually you shall have no
choice but to abandon lprng, unless you find a way to maintain it.

CUPS was written to provide a coherent printing environment, and to
implement the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).  CUPS still is new, and
there still are bugs to be found and fixed.  But CUPS is a good system,
and typically works as advertised.  The problems we now are experiencing
with CUPS appear to be a consequence of the transition to Etch. Many
things in Debian were broken by changes made in the transition to Etch,
but they are being fixed.

According to your philosophy, you should be running 'Potato' and never
consider migration to a later system.


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