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Re: Sound specialists,help appreciated.

Cannot say much, but ... is jack indeed started before you try ardour? An item 
can be placed in env to do this automatically if you so choose.

Audacity does NOT require jack, however. Plays just fine for me.

So ... check your alsa configuration. Typing cat /proc/asound/cards should 
yield a list of active devices and lsmod should also show stuff. If alsa is 
not working, jack, of course will not either.

> Audacity does not record anything in
> my computer(iMac first generation 1998,
> built-in microphone,running Debian Linux
> 3.1 PPC).When I open Audacity,I receive the
> following warning:
> "There was an error initializing the Audio
> I/O layer.You will not be able to record or
> play any sound.".
> The pop-up menu where we choose Mic,CD,Line-
> in etc. for choosing the input device does not
> react.
> The interface works normally but the graph
> of the record is a horizontal blue line
> in the zero score of the vertical scale,
> in the audacity interface.(Logical)
> The program installs OK and nearly all the
> interface of the program works OK.
> In the Preferences dialog the recording
> device is shown as /dev/dsp.
> What can be wrong here?The computer devices
> (sound card,built-in microphone, etc.),or
> Debian3.1?
> When Debian initializes I see:
> Setting up ALSA...
> All modules loaded.
> Ardour-gtk also does not work,it complains
> that it cannot connect to Jack,however Jack
> is installed with the Debian tool aptitude.
> Another question : Does Debian recognize
> external USB microphones?What brands? That´s
> the only way for my iMac to have high quality
> micros.
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