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Re: GRUB Reboot Loop

Pieter Agten wrote:
> Hello,
> A couple of weeks ago I installed Debian Stable (3.1) on a PII 400Mhz
> with a 80GB harddisk, everything worked fine. I had to replace this
> harddisk with a different one (also 80GB) and I did this by cloning the
> original disk to this new one with HDClone 3.1. After replacing the
> harddisk, the system doesn't boot anymore: when I should see the GRUB
> Boot Menu,  the system just reboots. So now it is stuck in a reboot loop.
> The exact boot process is as follows:
> - System POST
> - I see 'GRUB Loading stage1.5.' and 'GRUB loading, please wait...' for
> about half a second.
> - Reboot
> I am sure the HDClone 3.1 program works flawlessly because I have used
> it before (on linux systems) and it has never failed. Furthermore, I
> have had this problem before on an entirely different system, right
> after the Debian installation (so on that system I never had even one
> correct boot with GRUB).
> How can I solve this problem? One fix might be to install LILO instead
> of GRUB, but what is the best way to do this? I replaced GRUB by LILO
> once before, and after that, everytime I would install a different (home
> made) kernel, I had to adjust the lilo.conf and run lilo manually, so I
> would like to avoid that. If it is possible, I would like to keep GRUB...
If you didn't set a password for grub, you can select the option in the
grub menu and press e for edit.
This permits you to edit the command line executed by grub.
Add a "noreboot" at the end of the line that starts with kernel and this
way you can see the messages for linux at boot up.

Miguel Cobá
> Thanks in advance!

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