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Re: System Quits Responding-Swap Issue Or What?

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Runing unstable on a Dell dimensions XPS T450 with 128
> Mb Ram and 384 Mb Swap Partition on a 13 Gb HD. I run
> KDE with usually 4 or 5 session Konsole windows open
> and the Mozilla browser and perhaps an embedded modia
> player open-nothing else. Before a few minutes pass(<
> 5 min.), the HD starts making noise, reading and
> writing, then the mouse becomes unresponsive(clicking
> anything wont respond for several minutes) and may
> even disappear(pointer) for a minute of so. After
> several minutes pass(maybe 15-20 min.) the system
> begins to respond normally again after the HD slows
> down it's read/write activity. During the total time
> this phenomena is occurring, the system is totally
> useless. Can't even shut it down.  I don't know if
> this is even a swap issue or what to do about it or
> whether it may be a virus infection or some setup
> issue. It is totally unacceptable and I could use some
> serious help in pinning it down and getting it fixed. 
> Please copy my email address as I'm not subscribed. 

I'd start by seeing if it happens with another user.
In a different windowing environment.
In a simple X session (twm or icewm, etc)
In console without X running at all.
In single-user mode.

Then I'd post the results here.


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