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Re: Please suggest a video capture software

Santanu Chatterjee wrote:

Hi Everybody,

I want a program that will allow me to capture video from
my TV Tuner card AND at the same time show (in a
window) what I am capturing. It should be able to capture
both video and audio (audio via the line in of my on board
sound card).

Could you please suggest a program (not any PVR software
like MythTV or freevo) that will satisfy my requirement.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Santanu Chatterjee

Mencoder and streamer don't meet that requirement, so I guess if there is such software, it must be an obscure one. Why don't you control the recording via sound only, and write some scripts to ease the launch of the rec program? That's what I do... Another way would be to place a splitter on the tv signal cable and install a tv close to the computer, but that's another story...

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