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Installing Debian with Raid and LVM , help

Hi, I tried to install Debian in my machine with 2 sata hd's and first
I created a partition with the whole size of the disk in both of HD's
and set bootable them..

Then I configured it with the option to configure Software Raid and
created the md0 device.
This md0 device I put it to work as a Physical Volume to LVM (set
bootable too), and then I've entered in the LVM configure option.

I made my Volume Group, then two Logial Volumes, and set it to be
bootable (only the root LV) and Finished the Changes.

Ok, then the Debian Installer started to install the Base System, and
when the LILO option comes, and I have only the option to install in
'/dev/md/0' device, I choose it, but LILO says that the partition
isn't active yet, and asks me if I want it to activate. I choose YES,
but LILO return the error that cannot change it.

Does anybody knows where I'm doing wrong?


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