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Re: Time sync to Windows. How?

nick wrote:
marc wrote:

Any ideas or suggestions?

Hasn't NetTime been abandoned? Anyways, how about pointing the NetTime client on the WinBox to the NetTime Server on the Winbox. Then have a separate NTP client update the time when net access is available.

Okay, curiousity got the better of me so I actually tried this. I booted to XP and installed NetTime from Sourceforge. As a test, I set one timeserver to 'localhost' and another to a server on the net. To 'bootstrap' the NetTime server it needed to connect to the net first. However, once started, localhost became a valid NTP server. When I shut off my cable modem, NetTime still marks 'locahost' as good and I could sync to the WinBox from another LinBox on my network. Note: It seemed to be important that 'localhost' was first in the time server list. NetTime would occasionally hang and stop serving time if the outside server was unavailable _and_ first on the list.

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