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Re: Removing USB memory

Magnus Therning wrote:
I'm running a GNOME desktop on a Debian Sid system.

I've noticed that if I right-click a USB memory stick icon on the
desktop and choose "Unmount Volume" the icon disappears immediately.
However the device may be busy in the background, and if I remove the
stick too early files copied to the stick may not "have arrived yet"
(the sync isn't done yet).

I've found two ways around it:

 1. Unmount in a shell using `pumount'.
 2. Keep a system monitor in the panel and have it show disk activity.

Is there any other way?
I'd kind of like a brief notification at the end informing me that the
device is fully unmounted.


I usually use KDE and I see that by unmounting a USB device from its icon on the desktop, the icon seems to stay as long as the USB stick's activity LED keeps blinking. For large files (images), I have noticed that the icon stays on the desktop for quite a few seconds. Never had corruption on the USB stick. So it appears KDE removes the icon of a USB device only when the sync is complete. I am surprised Gnome doesn't do so. BTW, I let udev mount the pluggable devices automatically. If you are using fstab to do so, you can fix the mount options to set sync to happen every time the USB device is accessed.


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