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Re: sound and tv card

Felipe Leon wrote:
Now, when I open KMix or so I have 2 options for
cards: the SB live 5.1 and the "Conexant CX8811". If I
choose the conexant I get no sound at all.

I've never had much luck using kmix myself. Just a guess: try to install alsa and use alsamixer (from the command line) to configure your audio settings. I have the mic muted and everything else on. Be careful with your debconf questions on set-up (or dpkg-reconfigure).

YMMV, but my personal experience is that it is usually saver to rely on debian's commandline tools for configuring core things like cups, sound, samba, xserver, mouse etc. instead of kde's tools. I always avoid them except for thins like switching keyboard configuration (de - us) and kde look and feel.

Hope that helps,

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