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Re: Mozilla mplayer plugin setup question

On Thu, Jul 06, 2006 at 10:26:28PM +0200, LeVA wrote:
> > > > When my daughter who is still wedded to windows listens to this station
> > > > on line there is a continually changing light show in the window as the
> > > > music plays.  This makes me think that somehow my setup is incomplete.


> Okay, I'm a little confused here :) I can see that in testing version 3.21 of 
> mplayerplug-in is packaged. Although I'm using 3.25 (from sources) I assume 
> they are working quite the same, and I really don't know what kind of light 
> show you are talking about. If no one else replies then I ask you to include 
> a small screenshot of that, or the link of the screenshot image. Neither the 
> mplayer nor the mplayerplug-in software contains such a feature, so I really 
> do not know what produces that. The stream plays fine for me too, and my 
> screen gets blanked with gray too (this is normal, this is mplayerplug-in).

I only see the light show on my daughter's computer running Windows.  I
have no idea how to capture it there.  As we agree that mplayer is
working perfectly for the sound stream I am ready to forego the light

> > Out of curiosity I found mplayer.conf in /etc/mplayer and the opening
> > paragraph said it should be placed in ~/.mplayer/config.  I copied it
> > there and uncommented the line ao=alsa.  Starting mplayer proceeded
> > exactly as described above until the buffer filled but then no sound and
> > the message, "stopped" was displayed.

> Maybe you don't have alsa enabled in your kernel, and you are using OSS. If 
> you are using oss and you want to use that option, you must put oss after ao=
I am definitely using alsa.  There must be something else in the config
file that causes mplayer to stop.  I'll experiment some more.


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