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Re: Midi files S.O.S.

Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina@gmail.com> writes:

> I'm looking for a program that allows to modify
> midi files, i.e. adjust tone and speed and cancel
> traces: they're called midi sequencers, aren't they?
> Well, I've been trying:
> brahms
> timidity
> rosegarden
> amarok
> audacity
> muse
> , but none of them will help:
> timidity seems to work, but it's not a sequencer:
> it plays midi files fine but cannot modify them (is that true?);
> the others don't even play midi files.
> Anyone out there who can provide a hint?
> What program to use, and how to make it work?

In particular:
when I launch brahms I get the following error message:

 Brahms couldn't connect aRts sound server.
 Please ensure that artsd is running

, and it won't start. I try again, and this time it starts
but when I import a midi file it is not heard.

Instead, when I launch audacity I get the following error message:
 There was an error initializing the audio i/o layer.
 You will not able to play or record audio.
 Error: Host error.

, then it starts all the same. But when I import a midi file and try to
play it, I get the following:

 Error while opening sound device. Plase check the output device settings 
 and the project sample rate.

Can anybody provide any help?

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