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Re: new Package of the Day features

On Monday 03 July 2006 01:46 pm, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 03, 2006 at 09:35:58AM -0700, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> > ... aaand now there's an RSS feed.
> cool, now how about making the package title a link to
> packages.debian.org? then we can peruse more details easily...

I've thought about it... linking it like that doesn't quite feel right, 
because for most users the information on p.d.o doesn't ADD much in 
terms of discovering new and interesting software (which is the whole 
point - it should answer, "How can this package benefit me / enhance my 
life?").  (Though one might argue that it would be interesting to know 
the suggests, depends, packages with similar tags, etc.)  An ideal 
would be if the package title linked to an informative homepage.  If I 
can come up with some way to automate that...  Obviously my vision is 
to make it simple (think google.com, not yahoo.com).  It might be good 
to put the p.d.o link somewhere else, like along the bottom.

> A

Aaron Maxwell - http://redsymbol.net

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