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Re: Jumpdrive Not A Block Device?

> I cannot access my Jumpdrive from a Etch box with a 2.6.15 kernel.
> I have successfully used this Lexar 256 MB Jumpdrive Pro (usb 2.0) with 
> Sarge box and a 2.6.11 kernel compiled from source.
> With Sarge it is recognized as SCSI device sda and located at 
> /dev/sda1.  It can be mounted and has a vfat file system.
> With Etch it is recognized as SCSI device sdb and located at /dev/sg1.  
> It cannot be mounted, mount fails with a message that /dev/sg1 is not a 
> block device.

Do you have the usb_storage module either built into or inserted into your

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