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Re: New user can't write in /var/log

On Mon, Jul 03, 2006 at 03:48:04PM +0200, debian wrote:
> I have a new user that must be able to write in /var/log/

No, you don't.  A user has no reason to be able to write in /var/log.

> An application makes a file overthere and deletes in automatically.

Then it's a poorly-written application.

> I can make it with root and change it with chmod but when it is deleted,
> it cannot be created again.

Sounds like everything is working as it should.

> Maybe stupid question, but how can i give a regular user full permission
> in /var/log/  ?

Again, you don't.  That's a security hole.  You need to correct the
*application* so that it has permissions to create whatever file it needs
to create.

> I tried to add the user to the root group in /etc/group  but nothing new
> happens when i do that, is that directly applied after you edit that
> file ?


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