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Re: Flatbed Scanner

> Cany anyone recommend a good flatbed scanner for under $200.00 that
> they are currently using with a Debian box?

Be sure you get a USB 2 scanner, as it will be much faster than USB 1.  The
USB 2 scanners are newer, so many of them aren't supported in Linux yet, but
some are.  Check http://www.sane-project.org/sane-supported-devices.html to
see which models are supported.

I'm currently using a Canon LiDE 60 with my Debian box.  It works fine, is
fast, and cost about $70 I believe.  It's a flatbed, and is powered through
the USB cable so you don't need a power brick-- a nice convenience IMO.  The
front panel buttons don't work, but it's no great loss.

Earlier LiDE models have been supported by SANE for a long time, but support
for the newer (USB 2) models is just coming on line.  IIRC I had to

# Canon LiDE 60
usb 0x04a9 0x221c

in /etc/sane/genesys.conf in order for SANE to recognize mine; the line was
there but commented out because support for that model is still brand-new.

Good luck,

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