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Re: Running KDE; how to change Gnome app single-click behaviour?

On Thu, 29 Jun 2006 11:07:26 -0700
RParr <RParr@TemporalArts.COM> wrote:

> I am running KDE as desktop on Debian sid (AMD64).
> In the KDE control / Peripherals / Mouse I have set 'single click to 
> open files and folders'
> How can I configure the Gnome apps (run from KDE desktop) to behave
> the same?

What are the GNOME apps the behaviour of which you wish to change? The
only one I can think of as relevant is nautilus, and it's unlikely that
you're running that in KDE. There is also the GTK file chooser, but I
don't think it is possible to configure that, even within GNOME.

> I tried gnome-control-center. I was able to change somethings (eg
> Mouse pointer) but when trying Window behaviour I received a message
> 'Window manager "KWin" has not registered a configuration tool'

Configure your window manager (kwin) using the KDE control centre.

> Thanks
> R.Parr, RHCE, Temporal Arts



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