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proprietary kernel modules w/ kernel-package?

For my job, I have to install 3M's proprietary touchscreen drivers (distributed as an SRPM) for MicroTouch USB touchscreens.  I am well aware that these screens are supported natively in the kernel; however, my experience with the in-kernel support (as of for these touchscreens has been that the screens rapidly go out of calibration.  Thus 3M's proprietary driver, which works tolerably well, and includes a calibration utility. 

Previously, I had the 3M driver working under and Slackware.  The machines for this project, however, are now all to run on Debian, and we would like to "Debianize" things as much as possible.  This means that I wish to wrap the 3M driver in a .deb.  What is the best way to go about this?  Note that I plan to compile kernels on a fast machine that runs the same version of Debian, but is otherwise dissimilar to the project machines.

Kit Peters

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