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Re: K3b - CD-RW Question

LeVA wrote:
2006. június 12. 20:42,
John Graves <jhgraves@ddi-wans.com>
-> debian-user@lists.debian.org,:
I want to use the CD-RW drive in my Linux server for backup. I have
installed K3b and am able to burn CDs and read them after the burn.  But
I have some remaining issues>
KDE on a server? That's great :)
       1. K3b seems unable to read a CD on my server that I burned on a
Windows PC running Adaptec DirectCD.  The PC can read it and also can
reopen it for further writes.  I would like this facility on the server
as well.
You can not read those cd's...

although I'm not using direct cd anymore, if I remember well cd created with direct cd are in udf format, so, as long as you have udf in the kernel, you should be able to mount such a cd using udf file system...

as I said, it's just a thought since I'm not using direct cd anymore...

hope this helps

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