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Re: Nvidia (their's) driver on multiple kernels.

>>> On (28/06/06 21:48), David Baron wrote:
>> > Then installed the nvidia-glx.
>> >
>> > Did not work. The libglx.so, etc were not installed anywhere I (or the
>> > xorg.conf) could find them. I will check again when the locate db is
>> > updated. Reinstalled the nvidia run meanwhile.
>> dpkg -L nvidia-glx
>> should help.
>> You need matching versions of nvidia-glx and kernel modules for X to
>> run. That's the 8192 or whatever.

>Found them. There is whole bunch of stuff in /usr/lib/xorg/modules/ which I 
>guess was not really being accessed. Put it in the extensions subdirectory.

>I guess I will need to add /usr/lib/xorg/modules to xorg.conf MODULEPATHs. 
>just think, xorg upgrades want to get rid of all MODULEPATHs

Got it to start up. Any attemp to do DRI crashed X so ...
I installed Nvidia's driver of the same version number of the package on Sid.
Works just fine.

Maybe I'll leave the packages around, however to
1. Prevent overwrite of the nvidia X modules (probably not a problem the way 
the various ModulePaths are now).
2. Alert me when a new version is around. Then I go to Nvidia to get it. :-)

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