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Re: Re: Nvidia (their's) driver on multiple kernels.

>> Are they "better" or equivalent?  Probably updated with Xorg changes, etc. 
>> which is better. However, the manufacturer must also know what they are 
>> doing?

>Files inside are exactly the same, except maybe cases where certain
>modifications are needed to make them work in Debian.

OK. Folks were complaining about these with googeearth not working. Works fine 
for me so I thought they were different.

>The driver needs to overwrite a couple of files that belong to xorg, so
>if you use the installer, the files will be overwritten without Debian
>package management system knowing that. This will lead to them being
>overwritten again by xorg on next upgrade, and you will have to
>reinstall NVIDIA drivers.

This explains the bug I filed about freeglut producing an error after recent 
Xorg upgrades. Reinstalling that driver fixed it.

>The packages make the package management system remember they were
>overwritten and preserves them on upgrades. They will also be updated
>once NVIDIA releases a patch, which you would have to apply manually

>You will get the same either way. Proprietary drivers are still
>proprietary drivers no matter how you install them.

OK. Now the question. Which packages are needed for a GEforce 440 card? 
( compile my own kernels so the 2.6 kernel meta-stuff is probably not 
appropriate since I always have full source. Still leaves a lot of different 

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