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Re: ctrl-alt-backspace under X11

Ivan Avramovic wrote:
Following up to my own mail, I've found out that running the
gnome-control-center and selecting the "fonts" option causes the ctrl-alt-bs
key combination to revert to its normal behavior.  I'm not sure what the
cause is, maybe something to do with having gconf running or some such.  I
rarely use Gnome at any rate, but I should still be able to use xfree86
normally independant of any desktop software.

As before, if anyone knows the solution to having ctrl-alt-bs work normally
always, it would be appreciated.
-Ivan Avramovic

Do a "xmodmap -pke" before you run the control center and do it again after you've run it. Save the output to a file in both cases and use 'diff' to find the differences between the files.

Analyzing those differences will help you find out how to re-enable ctrl-alt-backspace without starting the control center. Ultimately, you'll probably enter a "xmodmap -e '...'" to get the key-combination working.

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