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Slow Konsole GUI


I'm running Etch AMD64 with KDE.

Recently my Konsole has started to run very slowly when anything to do with the GUI is concerned eg. when openning a new konsole (about 15 seconds), openning a new shell within konsole (about ten seconds), changing between shells within konsole (3 seconds), resizing (about six seconds) and moving (about three seconds).

All other applications are running fine and the problems with Konsole are very recent. I suspect the problem arises from a system update I made last week when I ran update for the the first time in many months (Konsole was fine prior to that). The update was pretty big and I had some trouble configuring the updated xorg.  I suspect onsoles problems come from a sub optimal configuration file somewhere but I don't know how to go about diagnosing this.

A google search has not shone any light on how I might try to reconfigure Konsole so that it can recover it's former speed.

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be warmly welcomed.

Many thanks in advance

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