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Debian install server / local mirror for netwrok install, without using any of the internet debian mirror / just two downloaded DVDs?

Hello and greetings,
Debian is totally new for me, so please be kind and generous.

If this question (below) needs to be asked in some other list, please let me know.

Ok, my question is: I have downloaded two DVDs of Debian 3.1 (Sarge) . I
want to install them on my 7 node (not really a ) cluster,
(www.geocities.com/mk_azeem/kamran_rack.jpg) at my home.  All machines
do not have DVD ROMs so I have to switch to Network install (which has
been much much easier for me while dealing with RedHat. Any way, how can
I put my DVDs on a server and make them available for network
installation via NFS / HTTP / FTP. I have searched the net (honestly)
and all I got is that I have to make a debian mirror using rsync or
whatever method they suggest. Then I have to use the "net install cd""
which  I already have downloaded.
The problem is: unfortunately I live in the part of world where internet
and Gasoline / Petrol is very expensive. So I just can't create a debian
mirror on my home server from any of the debian servers on the internet.
Is there a way I can use the 2 DVDs I have downloaded to create a debian
mirror / install server on my redhat linux machine? Since I am very new
to debian, I am using / intend to use redhat server's
NFS/HTTP/FTP/DHCP/TFTP etc at the moment. I know this quesstion might
definitely be asked before. Please be generous with pointers  / howtos
if any.

Thanks in advance.

Kamran Azeem

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