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Re: XMMS can no longer play CDs

David Moreno Garza <damog@damog.net> wrote:

> This is actually being reported by other users [1] yet I couldn't get
> into the Bugzilla as of June 19th., 1845 UTC. I browsed the README [2]
> however and I found out that the author of the CD Audio Player module
> says that you need to add the mountpoint to the playlist, as you defined
> it in the preferences.

Thanks for the tip. Actually, I just stumbled across the solution. If I
enter /media/cdrom0 in the Play files dialog, XMMS only shows the
directories in /media. If, however, I *double-click* on cdrom0, *then*
Track 01.cda, etc. show up in the Files list (gee, that's obvious). Then
I can click on "Add all files in directory" and have the songs show up
in the playlist.

I'll check those bug reports and see if I have anything to add. Thanks
again for the feedback.

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