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where is vmlinuz for netboot?

I have a dual-boot computer with another linux distribution on

I intend to install sarge using my GRUB bootloader, downloading
everything over the network and overwriting the other

I think this section of the installation guide applies to me.

5.1.2. Booting from Linux Using LILO or GRUB

   To boot the installer from hard disk,Section 4.5, "Preparing
   Files fore Hard Disk Booting"s described in [9]Section 4.5,
   "Preparing Files for Hard Disk Booting".

   If you intend to use the hard drive only for booting and then
   download everything over the network, you should download the
   netboot/debian-installer/i386/initrd.gz file and its
   corresponding kernel. This will allow you to repartition the
   hard disk from which you boot the installer, although you
   should do so with care.

But all the debian mirrors I have looked in don't have any
vmlinuz with initrd.gz. There is only pxelinux, which I think is
a different type of network boot.

There are cd-rom and hd-media vmlinuz's but no netboot ones.
Should I actually be choosing the hd-media vmlinuz and initrd.gz,
rather than the netboot ones?

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