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Re: Question not addressed in FAQ.

Lynn Kilroy wrote:
Are you guys like cleaning up the easy way of donig net installs now or something? And is it safe to assume that all Debian Dists have the same basic file sets?

In other words, for every file that was mentioned in the prior e-mail, is there file that would be reachable by simply replacing "Potato" with "Sarge?"

Not entirely sure what you're asking.

Concerning loadlin, I believe Sarge doesn't work with it, because Sarge uses initrd kernels by default I think, and loadlin can't handle that.

Once you have a base install of Potato, you can change your /etc/apt/sources.list file to point to Sarge (or stable, testing, sid, unstable, EXCEPT for the security line, which needs to be left at stable) and then upgrade the box with:
   aptitude update
   aptitude dist-upgrade
(If Potato doesn't have aptitude, substitute apt-get, then install aptitude and use it in the future - just my recommendation - not essential.)


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