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Re: Re: Re: Repost-No Response-Fwd: Another APT Issue-Where Are The Linux-Images

Hey Guys, thanks for all the comments. I think I may have picked up a few
tricks in your comments. However, my issue was not one of searching, it was
one of not having the package downloaded and available to install(linux-image-
2.6.5-1-686). I was using sid only and unknown to me the kernel had been
moved to testing. After adding testing to my sorces.list, updating and installing, I now have it able to boot. I still don't understand why the 2.4.27 and 2.6.8 KI's were left in the cache(not sid kernels) but 2.6.15 was removed. That's still one unanswered issue. I Think Allen was trying to tell me that I could download and install a package not in the cache file but he didn't come back to my response; didn't mean any offense, just didn't quite understand. And, of course, I still could be missing some point in the reply's. Sure wish you guys would jump on my other repost on mplayer not working posted just above this one. It's my last non-working feature before I do another dist-upgrade but I'm going to wait awhile until some of the critical bugs have been worked
out of the kde and x-org packages.  Thanks again for all the input.

Leonard Chatagnier

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