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Re: Repost-No Response-Fwd: Another APT Issue-Where Are The Linux-Images

On Sunday 18 June 2006 07:08 am, Stephen wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 17, 2006 at 05:22:56PM -0500 or thereabouts, Leonard Chatagnier 
> > Not totally sure what your point is. I have many times did apt-get,
> > aptitude and wajig updates, upgrades, dist-upgrades, installs, removes
> > and purges. I'm certainly no Debian linux expert, if anyone is. I don't
> > know what "regex" is
> > unless it means regular expresson. apt-cache search didn't find it. You
> > may be
> > telling me that I can download and install a package with "aptitude -d
> > install
> > $package name". but I don't know what that Package Name is unless I see
> > it in
> > a cache file or somewheres. I'm willing to be enlightened as after 2 yrs
> > with
> > Debian linux I'm just beginning to know that I don't know anything about
> > it. So go ahead fire away and enlighten me. I usually learn something
> > everytime
> 'aptitude search <package>' works for me. I have never really needed to
> use apt-cache or apt-file to search for applications. I've always used
> 'aptitude search foo'. For example 'aptitude search webmin' will bring up
> all the webmin packages available to you to and indicate their status
> <ie> installed (A)uto, (C)onfigured etc.
> Then if you wish more information on a specific package, 'aptitude show
> package.foo' will give you the dependencies and what the package
> does/is.

I like to use grep to narrow down particular packages, especially things such 
as modules.  For example, if I need MySQL support for PHP4, I'll use the 
following to find all packages related to PHP and MySQL:
'aptitude search php4 | grep mysql'
the result is:
v   php4-cgi-mysql                  -
i   php4-mysql                      - MySQL module for php4
instead of a long list of PHP packages and then trying to spotting the one 
related to MySQL.  Interprocess piping/filtering is the best!

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