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Re: Re: Repost-No Response-Fwd: Another APT Issue-Where Are The Linux-Images

On Sat, Jun 17, 2006 at 05:22:56PM -0500 or thereabouts, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> Not totally sure what your point is. I have many times did apt-get, aptitude
> and wajig updates, upgrades, dist-upgrades, installs, removes and purges. 
> I'm certainly no Debian linux expert, if anyone is. I don't know what 
> "regex" is
> unless it means regular expresson. apt-cache search didn't find it. You may 
> be
> telling me that I can download and install a package with "aptitude -d 
> install
> $package name". but I don't know what that Package Name is unless I see it 
> in
> a cache file or somewheres. I'm willing to be enlightened as after 2 yrs 
> with
> Debian linux I'm just beginning to know that I don't know anything about it.
> So go ahead fire away and enlighten me. I usually learn something everytime 

'aptitude search <package>' works for me. I have never really needed to
use apt-cache or apt-file to search for applications. I've always used
'aptitude search foo'. For example 'aptitude search webmin' will bring up
all the webmin packages available to you to and indicate their status
<ie> installed (A)uto, (C)onfigured etc.

Then if you wish more information on a specific package, 'aptitude show
package.foo' will give you the dependencies and what the package


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